8 thoughts on “saam leeo.

  1. Congrats, congrats, congrats! That is an awesome way to start a Monday! Especially when it also involves a happy Boh. Hope you take some time to relax …

  2. Yay! I hope you can take some time for R&R before the orals–I definitely needed a recharge before mine. Boh also looks pretty happy to have your lap back from all those books.

  3. What a happy Monday post! Congrats! Boh has that “I see the end of this tunnel. Walkies!” look. Rest up. You will do just fine on your orals.

  4. I think you’ve earned that drink. Or two. Or more. As for Boh — he’s probably earned a nobel peace prize.
    Congrats! I am so. glad. these three hoops are behind you.

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