thanks, mom.

My mom sent me an Easter care package: just what I needed. (Seriously. I would not be surviving without EmergenC, especially with all of the germs circulating on campus.)

Boh wants you all to know that he’s tired of reading and writing. We’re almost there, big dog, almost there.


7 thoughts on “thanks, mom.

  1. Good luck! Speaking of germs, I sure don’t want anyone to get what has been in our home for the past two weeks. I think we are finally on the mend. Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad your mom sent you an Easter package; I sent my girls one too, with Reeses Pieces “carrots” and Reeses Cups, their favorites!

  3. So. close. You can do it!! EmergenC can help. (I will admit that is sometimes my main source of vitamins …)

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