last stripe/last exam.

Yesterday was windy, rainy, and grey. When it became clear that the wind was blowing at speeds that could easily overturn trash cans, I dashed outside and cut a mason jar’s worth of the daffodils which have just begun to bloom. These flowers helped me to get through most of the pile of grading I’ve been hiding from all week.

Boh is struggling to keep his eyes open this morning, which is pretty much how I feel. It has been a long semester, and I am so close to the other side of these exams. One more.

My last exam begins tomorrow, so today I’ll be doing my best to feel ready, by reading more, reviewing my notes, and organizing my thoughts. I’m also going to knit a few more rows on my stripe study shawl. Another row and a half and it will be time to begin the border. I should be able to finish the shawl before the oral part of my exams in a few weeks, and I think I’ll bring this with me as a tangible representation of all of the energy I’ve put into this process.



10 thoughts on “last stripe/last exam.

  1. YAY! You’re almost done. I am feeling your pain, of sorts: exams… *insert scary don’t go in that door music*
    I am trying to absorb your “almost done” energy because I am just about to start :/
    Freedom soon?
    Good luck :)

    -TK et. al.

  2. Upward! The shawl will be the perfect woolly souvenir of exam time: so much more stylish than a big ol’ pile of typed pages. (I can’t wait to see it; can’t wait to start my own.) Good luck tomorrow! You’re ready.

  3. I love the idea of taking the shawl with you to the oral exams :) The contrast on the stripes is looking great…kind of nautical-meets-woodsy. The end of the semester is near!!!!

  4. What a great idea about connecting the shawl to this big event of yours! So glad that you’re almost done!! And I love the daffodils! BTW, what is the meaning of the multiplication flash cards on your wall?

  5. Onward indeed love, you are almost to the finish line! :) Good thing you have those beautiful flowers and Boh’s wonderful mug to look at.

  6. Almost there!!!! The shawl looks oh-so-cozy, and Boh looks oh-so-sleepy. Here’s wishing you all the best with that one last pesky exam.

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