signs of spring?

The first Caesar salad of the season. (My dad’s recipe. Also, further evidence that Boh is my dog. He LOVES the smell of garlic. He kept licking his lips and leaning on me while I inhaled this enormous bowl of salad. So silly.)

First daffodils in the yard.

Shorts! (Only for a few hours, on an unseasonably warm Monday night.)

And then a few days of rain. And reading. Both of which create the ideal conditions for Boh to make this wrinkly face. (And, let’s face it, for me to want to knit instead of work. I’m on my final stripe of the shawl. Pictures soon!)


3 thoughts on “signs of spring?

  1. Can’t wait for pictures! It does indeed look like spring has arrived — yay for shorts, daffodils, and caesar salad (which I have been craving like mad these days … must be the spring).

  2. That caesar salad! Amy, you’ll be pleased to know I make all of my caesar salads with that exact recipe. I still have that cute little recipe book from so many years ago in TT. It all came full circle when I made a giant batch at base camp last summer (everyone love it, of course).

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