earth hour.

Last night, after a frustrating couple of hours at the coffee shop, I looked up and realized it was 8:30. I packed up, rushed home, found the lighter and gathered my candles, and turned off the lights to participate in Earth Hour. (WordPress doesn’t want to let me insert a link, so check out for details.) Basically, people all around the world turned off the lights at (their) 8:30 pm. I spent an hour reading Lois Lowry’s The Giver by candlelight in the kitchen. (One of my reading groups is discussing this next week.)

I should turn off the lights more often — I needed to be reminded of bigger things, to focus on something more important than this exam.

More glimpses of the week:

Brain food: Friday’s breakfast.

Boh and a pile of books.

Boh had the right idea this morning — to not get out of bed. I am so tired. I have a lot of writing to do today, because my hope is to spend Monday editing, formatting footnotes, and all-around prettifying this paper before I turn it in on Tuesday morning. Almost there. (Well, with the first exam.)


8 thoughts on “earth hour.

  1. I totally forgot about earth hour. That is a cool idea to do, maybe on a weekly basis? The Giver is such a good book, I’ve done it with 6th graders before, pretty powerful. Your breakfast looks good, hope it helped. Good luck with your papers!

  2. The Giver was a good choice! Have you read it before? It may well be my favorite book.

  3. That exam process is so intense! Even for my take home, I’ll only get 48 hours. Best of luck, and I hope you find some time to be good to yourself today.

  4. Great job on Earth day! Boh is as always fantastic. :)
    Now since I seem to constantly be inspired by your great eating habits, please advise what is that spread on your bread?

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