action shots.

All I can conclude from Boh’s behavior is that he feels very strongly about Progressive Era historiography. Me too, Boh. Me too.

Time to pour the coffee and begin day 5.


5 thoughts on “action shots.

  1. Imagine my best Boh voice narrating his concerns in the top photo: “Um, excuse me. Um, I see that you didn’t mention the non-human animal in this section. Particularly the dog. And um, I think that, uh, the dog is particularly important to both conservation AND the wilderness. Because it’s actually all about making sure there are still wilderness smells left for dogs to sniff. That’s actually what the progressives were all about. So, uh, maybe you should add that there. No, not in a footnote! This is important stuff, Rooster.”
    I add to this another person’s voice, in the form of a pep talk that was given to me in thesis-hell a few years ago, and which I now pass along to you: “You’re not going to BE okay, you ARE okay; you just don’t realize it yet.”

  2. I’m with Ethel and Lisa — Boh knows what he’s doing, just like you. Good luck on day 5!!

  3. Haha! Very sage advice above Amy! Love the Boh commentary. Good luck! Yes you are fine!

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