boh knows.

That pretty much says it all.

I made a big batch of carrot soup from Super Natural Cooking tonight — I love this recipe, especially when made with homemade veggie stock and farm carrots. So good. And there’s plenty for lunch (and dinner?) tomorrow.

Another idlewood action shot. Just for fun. (Well, and for P., who has just cast on an idlewood of her very own!)

Are we there yet? (There being any number of places: bedtime, post-exams, lake house, summer.)


5 thoughts on “boh knows.

  1. Oh sweet Boh. Please look after our dear rooster ’til she’s through this tiresome time. The more I see that awesome idlewood the less I’m able to resist

  2. On the plus side, the soup looks delicious, and Idlewood looks fantastic. Go, Rooster, go! Almost there!

    *sending positive vibes in your direction*

  3. 14″ on the idlewood cowl! and on a slushy day like this, i might just have to knit. it’s either knitting or a local spelling bee with cash prizes… ahh, the time-management troubles of nerds. i might aim for both. love la, lady! AND THAT VEST!!! OH MY! xo

  4. The good news: it’s Thursday! The weekend will be here soon and all the other good stuff will soon follow. Sending warm, productive thoughts your way.

  5. The more you wear and post pictures of the idlewood, the more I want to knit one up for myself.

    As soon as I saw how yummy the soup looked, I placed a hold for the book at our library.

    Happy almost weekend!

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