old school.

Another score from my mom’s closet. This is my mom’s ski vest, likely from the late 1970s, when she and my dad belonged to a ski club called the Schussmeisters. Or something like that. I love the way the stripes wrap around to the back.

Alright. Almost done with my first mug of coffee, and I’m going to need another before I start today’s pile. (Read, write, grade, [sleep?] repeat.)

Hello, Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “old school.

  1. Nice! Thank goodness for relatives with packrat tendencies! My grandpa has some seriously awesome sweaters and cardigans from the same era. His closet practically qualifies as a time capsule.

  2. Love the vest! And the whole idea of a ski club called the Schussmeisters.

    Good luck with your work! I definitely advocate fitting some sleep in there somewhere.

  3. Oh my goodness; you remind me of my daughter! She’s been wearing her dad’s ski jacket from that exact era!! So fun for her and you too, apparently!!

  4. Everything is better with German! This proves it. That is an awesome vest and I’m sure it will accompany you on many an amazing adventure.

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