I snapped this picture of my office with my phone yesterday. The collection of beers on my desk is starting to look suspicious. The Beer Fairy leaves bottles of tasty brew in my mailbox, which I then bring to my office. I haven’t figured out how to transport these home (without, of course, bringing an empty 6-pack to work with me) — I don’t exactly want disaster to strike my computer or the stack of library books often in my tote bag, so they stay on my desk to function as a kind of reward.

Sigh. Back to work. Thanks for letting me take a pouting break, dear internet. Is it bad that I am already daydreaming of May?


8 thoughts on “office.

  1. I’m dreaming the dream with you, buddy. I’ve left my most recent bottle in my box — it’s nice to have a reminder that other things exist. And friends far more true than Hans-Ulrich Wehler and Carl Schmitt.

  2. Maybe you should drink them in your office? That would take care of the transport issue.

  3. May can’t come soon enough. Although the beer bottles and growler (?) do make your office look like much more fun than most.

  4. Beer fairy?! That is amazing! (I would definitely bring an empty 6 pack to work.) You can do it!! May will be here soon …

  5. Oh goodness i just checked in and caught up on your last several post, sighhhhh…. Looks like life is busy and oh so good.
    Those chairs are SO cool i would totally kick it in one and read too. Boh is adorable. I love how he poses so nice for all your pics of him my brown dog is not a huge fan of the camera and just tolerates it lol. I have to say i agree with everyone how fun to have a “Beer Fairy” it does make your office look interestly fun. Oh i almost forgot your shawl is beautiful. I just finished my slouchy sweater and am getting ready to cast on for a couple shawls as gifts. Happy knitting and have a great weekend!

  6. Beer fairy?! That’s awesome! I can think of no better reward after a long day of work than enjoying a delicious beer with your feet up on your office desk. Maybe just not while the undergrads are around. :)

    P.S. I forgot to say in my comment on your last post — how cool that you randomly found your friends in a Patagonia catalog!!!

  7. Beer Fairy? Ho does one acquire one of those?(Read – how do I acquire one for myself?) With all the incoherent sentences you have to peruse, you’ve more than earned what you’ve got on your desk. I am impressed at your will power in leaving it on your desk, though.

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