dogs and catalogs.

This dog knows how to pose for close ups and wide angle shots. Where did he learn that?

You know your friends are having more fun than you are when you flip through the latest patagonia catalog and do a double take — because they are IN the catalog. (This made my day, you guys.)

When I was at my parents’ house for turkey dinner, I did my usual quick rifle through the closets, and found a few tops that were my mom’s when I was a little girl. For fun, I tried them on, and hooray — they fit me perfectly. She let me take them home (along with lots of leftovers, a stack of envelopes, some duffel bags from under the bed in my old room — which will be super helpful when I move in late May– and a ream of printer paper), and today I’m wearing one of them. This is a button-up-the-back blouse that was part of a cream/navy polka-dotted suit. (Which was cuter than it sounds.) Anyway, I cut out the shoulder pads (yes, it was the early 80s), and dressed it down. It is freezing out, so I’ll throw a cardigan on over this, but I love it. Wait ’til you see the red one…

Also, for the record, putting on a shirt that buttons up the back all by myself feels like a victory this early in the morning. Happy almost weekend, folks.



3 thoughts on “dogs and catalogs.

  1. Polka dots! The blouse looks fabulous — just the ticket for the almost weekend. It is definitely a victory getting that buttoned; I find Alice to be no help with tricky fastenings. That is a crazy catalog coincidence, and one cute dog. Happy Thursday to you!!

  2. Love the polka dots! Navy is one of my favorite colors, esp. in the spring.

    Boh’s a natural supermodel. Very cool that you know people in the Patagonia catalog. Paul always thinks that the Patagonia and Anthro catalogs are a hoot!

  3. Great top! I LOVE those polka dots. I bet you have a lot of fun with those tops, styling them in your way, which is likely completely different than your mom did in the 80’s.

    It’s so fun going through my mom’s closet…and all of a sudden it seems that the 80’s stuff I still thought was dorky ten years ago seems REALLY cool and “vintage” now. Which reminds me…there’s a pink silk top I’m dying to steal…

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