FO: rhinebeck cauldron handspun.

My rhinebeck-cauldron polwarth puffed up after a nice long bath, and now I love it even more. I even accidentally skipped the part where I count the strands and do the math because I just couldn’t wait to see it in squishy skein form. I’m going to conservatively estimate that this is about 150 yards of 2-ply worsted weight. And maybe I’ll be allowed to cast on if I can finish a book on postcolonial Vietnam today?

Last night I made this butternut squash lasagna. Which means I have delicious leftovers that should last much of the weekend. I didn’t have any mushrooms handy, so I upped the greens (used kale instead of chard) and sauteed them with onion and a carrot.

I think somebody is glad that it’s Friday.


10 thoughts on “FO: rhinebeck cauldron handspun.

  1. Love how the yarn turned out! I’ve only spun polwarth twice so far, but my favorite feature of it has got to be how it puffs up in the finishing process.

  2. Beautiful yarn! I have some Polwarth here – love how soft it is. Also, looking at your yummy lasagna made me hungry, time for the soup-making, I think! Happy weekend and greetings to Boh!

  3. Yarn is beautiful! I have been trying to eat better and try more vegan dishes so I think the lasagna just might be the ticket for me. Thank you for the link. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Wow the yarn is gorgeous, but I’m really interested in the lasagna recipe!! You and Boh have a great weekend!

  5. That makes two of us! Happy Friday to you and Boh — and happy knitting and leftovers! That is some lovely yarn … a very nice reward.

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