long overdue mitt repair.

Last night, after taking way too long to read a relatively short book, I was itching to have that great feeling that comes with crossing a long-overdue task off of my list. Out came my thanksgiving day mitts: knit three years ago in a purple-y shade of Cascade 220, these were my go-to mitts until Boh managed to attack one of them in fall 2008 or winter 2009. Since then, they’ve sat patiently on top of a bowl of yarn odds and ends, waiting to be mended. And yesterday was the day. I dug out my very special set of knitting needles (from a woman I think of as an honorary grandmother) in order to find a set of size 5 dpns. (So great to be able to look up what needles I used on ravelry!)

And then I re-knit 15 or so rows, including the thumb-slot, and bound off, all while my dinner simmered away on the stove. The discerning eye can tell the old from the new sections, but after a bit of wear, and the gentle felting that happens to well-loved mitts, I think it’ll be hard to tell that anything was ever the matter with these mitts!

The dinner I spoke of (soon to be today’s lunch as well) was this potato-leek soup. Simple and delicious, all from farm food. I sprinkled some smoked paprika on top just before savoring this comforting bowl of soup. Can’t wait to heat up the leftovers!

And here’s Boh, sick of me putting the camera in his face and tempting him with dinner in order to get him to look at me. (He can be surprisingly — and adorably –stubborn.) I think he knows that we’re back to school today, and his routine is about to change for the worse. Shorter cozy reading sessions on the couch, more time alone at home…poor Boh. (Little does he know that once the semester is over, he’s getting a lake house! Thanks for all of your kind comments about that. It is wonderful to have that to look forward to, as this is going to be a crazy semester for me.)

Off to campus. (Sigh.)


7 thoughts on “long overdue mitt repair.

  1. The mending looks great. I’ve got a few projects that I’ve been meaning to fix for awhile. Need to get on that.

    Good luck with the new semester!

  2. Happy first day of the semester! I hope it went smoothly and you’re feeling ready for Tuesday. Mitts with a history help, of course.

  3. Thanks to your mentioning that you went back to your Ravelry page to find out about your project, I was able to go to your project page and find what pattern you used. Love the mitts. (Now in my queue.) Love the lake house. The soup looks pretty good, too.

  4. Wishing you a good semester, despite the crazyness! I’m always slightly confused with the start and end dates of your semester – mine is going to end (at least the classes) next week…

  5. Nice fix! I have homemade chicken broth, leeks and potatoes that need using up. Score! Thanks for the link.

  6. The mitt repairs turned out great! I love smoked paprika — it really livens things up. Good luck with the new semester!

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