the lights go on.

The pull of the couch, knitting on idlewood, snuggling Boh, and watching Dollhouse was too great yesterday.

Luckily, I recognized this early, and, after a little bit of yoga, marched myself down to a coffee shop to at least start the day by getting some work done.

(Also, I took extra care to be wearing handknit socks to start the new year. This pair, with the gusset heel, might be the best-fitting pair of socks I own.)

Anyway, back to the coffee shop. I was the only person there. And heard a beautiful song that sounded like Beirut. When the coffee shop is empty, you can ask the barista about the music. Check out “Scenic World,” from a 2006 LP, Lon Gisland. This is now the first track on my January 2011 mix. (And this post’s title is the first line of the song.)

After a few hours of good work, I might have come home, taken Boh for a walk, done some laundry, and indulged in the morning’s temptations. As soon as I finish my coffee, though, here’s where I’ll be:

Good luck settling into 2011! More soon.


5 thoughts on “the lights go on.

  1. You have a really nice desk. Personally Scenic World aren’t my thing. A bit too melodic and raw. But hey it’s always nice to be introduced to new stuff.

  2. Sometimes leaving the house is the only thing between me and a day spent watching internet television. Glad the coffeeshop worked its magic! And yay for new music! Good luck on Idlewood, Dollhouse, and … you know, all that work.

  3. Good way to get things going – a trip to the coffee shop. Anxious to see how your Idlewood is coming. I have the yarn and pattern, just need to finish up a few projects and I will be starting mine.

  4. sounds like a wonderful day.

    also- my husband has a resolution involving socks, but not nearly as noble/earthy/creative as wearing handmade socks. :)

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