treats and terra.

A while back, I won a jar of peach preserves on Libby’s blog, and yesterday, a beautifully wrapped package containing two(!) jars arrived, one peach and rum preserves, one peach and bourbon. After the appropriate oohing and ahhing, it was decided: this stuff deserves the best delivery system imaginable. So it’s off to the farmer’s market we’ll go on Saturday for some extra special bread. And maybe some ice cream. (Stay tuned.)

Terra is growing. I met my writing deadline on Monday (thanks for all the kind words), and then promptly stopped posting, turning my attention instead to everything I’d let pile up. In between wrangling laundry, paying bills, and prepping for my other campus responsibilities, it appears that I managed to knit a few (or twenty) rows. I said it before, but I’ll say it again: everything brokeknits says about this pattern is true. It is just what I need right now. And with that, I’ve got a morning section to prep for. Happy almost-the-weekend!


3 thoughts on “treats and terra.

  1. congrats on meeting your deadline. Love the colour of your terra. Only one more day till weekend! Happy Friday!

  2. That shawl is magic, non? I’ve got to get the contrast issue resolved and get back to knitting … yours will be lovely! High five on meeting the writing deadline! And good luck catching up … the weekend is almost here!!

  3. Hurray for meeting deadlines! It sounds like Terra is quite the perfect project for academic knitting — I should give it a try.

    The preserves sound AMAZING.

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