It is going to be another long day of writing. But I made good progress yesterday on my revisions, and last night I rewarded myself with sushi and yarn-winding.

And ten rows of Terra. Brokeknits is so right — this garter stitch pattern is rhythmic and restorative. Maybe I’ll knit a row or two after I adimpleate my coffee mug. (That’s the word I adopted yesterday here.)


7 thoughts on “rewards.

  1. Pretty colors! Terra looks like a cozy wrap, and a fun knit. Love the Adopt-a-word site… I read quite a few, but haven’t found one to adopt… yet.

  2. I love that color! Isn’t Terra mesmerizing to knit? It’s one of the most relaxing patterns I’ve come across. Even the lace section is pretty with minimum effort. So perfect.

    I adopted tristifical. Seemed about right.

  3. Hi, this is my first visit here and couldn’t help but to leave a comment. I finally taught myself how to knit a couple days ago. I only know the knit and purl stitch so far and have almost finished a very imperfect basic garter stitch scarf for my 6 year old. Anyway, I loved that save the word site. Thanks for sharing it. I can’t seem to find those definitions on though so I have no idea what you did with your coffee mug. I guess these words truly do need some saving.

  4. Mmmm….squishy yarn! Squishy garter stitch! Yummy.

    I adopted aquabib, but haven’t been very good about using it. I thought it was perfect for me (I do drink quite a lot of water, especially these days), but the topic of my water-drinking does not come up as often as one might expect.

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