picking (eating) apples.

My account of our epic Sunday continues.

What began as a quick stop at an apple orchard for an apple cider doughnut or two turned into an hour or so of frolicking amidst the apple trees, some apple picking, lots of apple eating, and of course, two courses of the aforementioned doughnuts. (Two to start, two before leaving. I have no pictures of this part. They were just too good (and warm!) not to eat immediately.

A corridor of mutsus.

Macouns, clearly.

Us, eating apples.

Sigh. Hello, autumn.

Um, I want that one.


9 thoughts on “picking (eating) apples.

  1. What fun! The Boy looks great without the beard, but I can help notice he’s keeping a bit of fuzz there for old times sake. :-) Great photo of you two.

  2. Apple cider doughnuts? How is it that such a thing has passed me by entirely so far? I’ve never even heard of them and I want one!

    You guys make a perfect couple.

  3. What a lovely day! Yay for apples and donuts and fun outside! It looks like it agreed with both of you.

  4. This sounds like the best day ever! I love cider and pumpkin donuts — they just seem to capture fall perfectly. I also love trying the different varieties of apples you just don’t see in the store. That said, my favorites are still Haralson apples (which grew in our next-door neighbors’ backyard when I was a kid). With a name like that, how could I resist? Spelling be damned…

  5. You know you are happy if you find yourself describing your activity for the day as frolicking!

  6. What an epic and beautiful fall day…there’s nothing like walking through an orchard in the autumn–so glad you all were there together! And those cider doughnuts? *sigh* pure bliss.

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