We spent Saturday afternoon by the lake, on a blanket, reading. Looks cozy, but actually it got pretty windy, and after an hour or so we retreated indoors for nachos. I rewarded myself with a margarita. See, all this is relevant because in these pictures, even though you can’t see it, there is yarn in my bag. Malabrigo, to be exact. And it is destined to become another windschief hat. This one’s for the boy.

I cast on with my coffee this morning, before my 8 am yoga class. The colorway is verdeazul, and already I love the combination of the malabrigo worsted and twisted rib — so squishy! I’m planning to curl up with Boh and the boy this evening and knit some more ribbing. After all, it is fall break…


7 thoughts on “lakeside.

  1. I want a fall break! Sadly, I just can’t convince my job…. Sigh.

    Looks like Boh was a big help studying…. :-) Have a great knitting evening!

  2. Sounds like a perfect start to break! I hope you’re enjoying some well deserved time off with the two Bs. And yummy yarn, too, of course.

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