blanket possibilities.

Nope, no hidden meaning in this blog post title. I’m going to cast on a blanket out of mostly handspun as a test-knit for Cosy (you know, and a treat for me!), and I’m looking for some input!

Here’s the first option: greys, reds, burnt-oranges.

And here’s another: greys, yellows, greens, a touch of lavender. What do you think? Pairing solid/commerical yarns is tough enough, so I’d appreciate any thoughts you folks have about how to choose yarns for a project (ahem, for this project!) out of a pile of handspun. Thanks!

Other things going on around here:

I finished spinning the second bobbin of the SCF bfl in the reflection colorway. Boh helped.

A lot.

And I’m making progress on my windschief hat. The more I knit on this, the more in love I am with both the pattern and this yarn. In fact, I’m going to let myself knit a few rows before I dig into the work I’d like to accomplish before I head to campus…


13 thoughts on “blanket possibilities.

  1. The top oranges and autumn shades really work well together, they get my vote. I’m not a fan of greens and yellows together – reminds me of baby blankets.

    Happy knitting!

  2. The grey and orange combo is gorgeous!

    I’m on a grey/brown/orange kick right now (as you can see by my most recent projects) so my judgment might be a bit skewed in this regard.

    p.s. You probably shouldn’t work Boh quite so hard. :)

  3. I’m no help – I like both the orange and the green combinations. The orange obviously has a warmer feel to it, so if you’re going to use the blanket in autumn/winter I’d go for this! But the greens and yellows are pretty, too!
    Geez, I feel like a snail with my spinning and knitting in comparison with you ;-)! Pretty hat! (it’s green!!!)

  4. Go with the greys, reds, and burnt-oranges! Not only are the colors perfect for fall, they will help perk you up during winter time, too, if you start feeling the wintertime blues like I normally do.

    Either way, you’ll end up with a beautiful result.

    Happy knitting!

  5. Love both, but I adore the oranges… It just LOOKS cozy!

    Isn’t it great the help you can get from four-legged companions?? Doggie love!!

  6. I say stripes! But that’s because I love stripes. Both would be equally lovely blankets … which isn’t telling you anything you don’t already know. Maybe the oranges are better for fall, like everyone else has said?
    Also, poor Boh. Alice understands.

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