chard, pizza, simple things.

The first day of fall hit me hard. By mid-afternoon, I was feeling lousy, and was finally convinced to crawl into bed for a nap around 4. I’m not sure if this was allergy-related, or if I’m coming down with some sort of transitioning-to-fall flu. Feeling alright this morning, but trying to take it easy, just in case. So this is yesterday — simple things: chard from the farm, blanched and packaged to go into the freezer, pizza with cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and cherry tomato confit, and, of course, simple things in shawlette form.

Off to campus. (Is it the weekend yet? Please?)


5 thoughts on “chard, pizza, simple things.

  1. Funny. I feel pretty lousy too. The clouds do. not. help. At least the weather is unseasonably warm and if the sun appears I’ll go and knit outside. Your Simple Things I thought at first looked like Sour Fig. :-)

  2. Feel better soon! Like Manise and Andrea, I have also come down with the creeping crud … I blame my students. It looks like you’ve got a whole aresenal of good things to help keep the yuck at bay. Hope it works!

  3. Feel better! And also, a question: can you talk about freezing and blanching chard? In what quantities do you do this? How do you use it?

  4. Get well soon! Autumn will hit here again tomorrow with a temperature drop of 10 degrees Celsius – we had up to 25 °C in the last days! Agree with Katie M.: Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit will help! Only one day until the weekend! Hold on!

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