green and partly dilly.

First up: dilly beans. Now I’ve got at least 10 pints on the shelf, which should be enough to both enjoy at home and share. (I actually ran out of pint jars yesterday, and had to pick up another tray on my way home from the farm!) Dilly beans are always more time intensive than I think — mostly because I never trim my beans to exactly the right length, and I always have to re-trim as I’m packing the jars. These are totally worth the hassle, though, and I’m psyched to taste these after they spend a few weeks mellowing and pickling.

I also made Kaela’s Chile Verde Base — this stuff is delicious, and so simple: tomatillos, garlic, hot peppers, and cilantro. Basically, you partially roast the first two, and throw all the ingredients in a food processor. I’m going to make another batch of this later. Storing this in the freezer to use as a base for soups and sauces prompted me to clean out the freezer. (Stock from 2008? Green chiles from the Southwest that I did too good of a job hoarding? I’m looking at you.) Now there’s room for lots more chile verde base! Oh, and berries. I might have frozen what we picked on Saturday as incentive to do a good job picking yesterday…

I had plenty of dill remaining from the beans, so I tied the longer stems into a bunch and hung them near the window to dry. I absolutely love the idea of home-dried herbs, and I am excited to use these in my cooking this fall and winter.

Just when I finally had the week’s produce under control, farm day came around again. The boy and I spent the afternoon picking blackberries, raspberries, more cherry tomatoes, more paste tomatoes, flowers, hot peppers, tomatillos, and a whole tote bag full of chard. I’m planning to blanch and freeze this later today. And make more salsa or chile verde base with all the tomatillos.

Also, I might have accidentally visited the orchard yesterday. (Hey, it was on the way home from taking friend K. to have her stitches out!) We might both have accidentally walked away with 8 quarts of peaches. (For 8 bucks.) Oh, and a few apples. Despite being the last peaches of the season (and labeled as “culls”), these are gorgeous. I’m going to cut one up and tuck it into my bowl of granola in a moment…and then I’m going to dedicate another fifteen minutes or so to daydreaming about what these should become. Jam? Butter? Peaches in some kind of (boozey) syrup? More on that soon.

For those of you who come hear for the fiber (and not the food), never fear. I’ll have knitterly things back in the rotation soon. I’ve got another week (or so?) of farmy abundance to process, but once the first frost arrives, I’ll be able to happily gaze at my shelves of winter preparation and get back to my knitting and spinning!


7 thoughts on “green and partly dilly.

  1. My vote is for the “boozy” syrup …. I don’t see how that could go awry any way you slice those peaches.

  2. So awesome. Especially those peaches! Your farm adventures remind me of going to visit my parents and brother during the summer and “accidentally” coming home with pounds and pounds of fresh produce. They’re farmers, so in addition to the stuff they’re growing (mostly melons), they always have a bunch of fruit that farmer friends and business associates have brought by on visits to the shed. A few years ago, I went over to my brother’s house and as I was leaving he held up a huge bag of peaches. “Uhh…will you eat these? ‘Cause there are too many for me.” Uhh…YES! Seeing he had found an interested party, he started rooting through his fridge tossing fruit at me. Now I’m kicking myself for making too few visits this summer!

  3. Looking forward to see some fibre/yarn but your kitchen adventures make me very envious – I only have some jars of apple sauce and apple jam this year. I’ll have to raid my parent’s pantry! P.S.: kiwi test drive went so well I bought said wheel from my friend – it will come home with me on saturday if everything goes well! Yay!

  4. Every time I pop over here I have that story in my head about the two squirrels – one who gets all his nuts ready for winter and prepares his home well and the other who just plays and fools around but then has to humbly ask if he can come in and live with the good squirrel once winter hits. Even though it’s really tempting, I’ll try not to show up at your door in January! (though I’m sure Gracie would love to meet Boh).

  5. I will happily have hand surgery regularly in order to be an alibi for such debaucherous trips to the orchard. Huzzah!

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