WIP smart.

Sorry about that. I can’t help myself. (Seriously. Last week I taught a section on Marco Polo, and it was all I could do to not begin class with: Maaaaarcoooo! And yes, you’re right. I do not work on 12th-century China. The class I’m TAing covers a lot of ground.)

Anyway, back to knitting. This weekend, I took a mini-vacation to my friend K’s apartment. She had minor surgery on Friday, so Boh and I went to keep her company and help her with things that are tough to do one-handed. (You know, like open those child-proof pill bottles.) She’d certainly have managed without us, but I think our plan was more fun. I tell you all of this to explain that on Thursday night, I found myself deliberating not over what books to pack, but over what knitting to bring with me. The weather has turned fall-like, and as such, I’ve been in a sweater-knitting mood. And then, while digging for my notions bag, I came upon my (rather embarrassing) pile of unfinished cozy sweaters (which even includes a neglected, and thus totally unhelpful test-knit). As soon as I touched the Ultra Alpaca fabric of my Kerrera, I knew that was the sweater that would be coming with me.

I discovered that I was a lot further along than I remembered, and this weekend I knit the reverse stockinette portion of the back and both fronts. This morning I did the three needle bind off to seam the shoulders, and slipped it on to get a sense for the fit. So far, I am very happy. (I decided to do the bind-off on the right side, as I’m not sure the pattern suggested which way to do it. I figured the raised, but clean, seam on the outside would make the sweater sit more comfortably on my shoulders, and mirror/echo the fake side seams on the body. The wrong side looks really great — an invisible seam — and I was probably supposed to do this the other way, but I think I like the choice I made.) You can’t see the shoulder seams in this pictures, but since I’m knitting this as part of a relaxed KAL, (Hi, Mick and Laura!) maybe this info will come in handy.

Next up? Sleeves! (Actually, a big pile of reading first, then the sleeves.)


8 thoughts on “WIP smart.

  1. I am so shamed by this post. It’s been so hot here this summer that the thought of touching my Beaverslide Kerrera has made me feel itchy, but I really do think I’ll pick it up again soon. I’ve got to finish up my current shawl project, knit a baby hat and a swatch for some workshops I’m taking next weekend, and then I’ve definitely got a date with some bright blue yarn.

  2. Polo!!

    Oooh, I like it! Most definitely worth finishing now that fall is on its way. Also: reading. Yuck. I choose sleeves.

  3. A friend’s brand new grandson is named Marco. All I can think about is kindergarten one day when the rest of the class yells “Polo” every time the teacher says his name. Hope I’m wrong!

    You’re inspiring me to knit a sweater. Maybe just a baby size one.

  4. Please enlighten the hapless German: Is Marco-Polo a game?
    Yay for finishing WIPS – so much faster than starting from scrap! Now, back to reading for me, too!

  5. MySmallPlace — Marco-Polo ist ein Spiel, das Kinder im Schwimmbad spielen. Einer macht die Augen zu und schreit, “Marco,” wobei die anderen müssen mit “Polo” antworten — das wird wiederholt bis jemand gefangen wird. Derjenige mit Augen zu versucht, einen anderen Spieler zu fangen, nur von den Stimmen her, und die anderen versuchen zu entkommen. Und dann ist er “Marco.” Macht voll viel Spass! ;)
    Rooster, thanks for your help and company this weekend! I should have hand surgery more often. My couch mentioned that it misses Boh. Y’all come back now, y’hear?

  6. @ Kate: Danke für die Info! Hört sich ähnlich an wie Blindekuh – Blindman’s buff nur ohne Wasser und mit einer Augenbinde! Ich bin überrascht, wieviele Leute in den USA irgendeinen Studiengang in Verbindung mit Deutschland/der deutschen Sprache studieren! Falls Du mal Fragen hast oder irgendwas aus Deutschland brauchst, meld Dich bei mir! (siehe link)
    Get well soon!
    @Rooster: sorry for using your comment section as a message board ;-)

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