FO: textured shawl recipe.

I pulled the pins out of my blocking textured shawl recipe shawl this morning while waiting for the coffee water to be ready to add to my french press. I have no idea what is going on in that last picture — consider it an example of this rooster, bleary-eyed and pre-coffee. Silly. So, this is lovely. I used every last inch of my 257 yards of green/blue handspun from friends’ folly farm (well, and a yard and a half of Rowan felted tweed). I followed the recipe, but applied the mods used by sketchbook on ravelry, which makes for a wider, shallower shawl. The finished product does have the drape I was hoping for, and it is solidly shawlette size. (Victory!) The mohair content is a little scratchy, but I’m hoping to tame that a bit with use, or just wear it draped more loosely around my neck, rather than wrapped tight. It feels good to have this off the needles, and I really enjoyed knitting it.

I do think I’ll make another out of something solid, super soft, and with great stitch definition to really highlight the texture of this shawl. And next time, I won’t put this project in the bag I take everywhere. I can’t explain it, but most of the time, the project that actually goes everywhere with me rarely gets worked on. Sure, I’ll pull it out when unexpected things happen and I have to wait in line or something, but mostly, I think my bag is officially a black hole when it comes to knitting projects. Okay, coffee is ready. And as you can tell from that picture, I need it.


12 thoughts on “FO: textured shawl recipe.

  1. This looks great! Don’t worry, I didn’t lose the bleary eyed look all day, even after several cups of tea! Have a good weekend!

  2. Haha…I think you just look pensive! Maybe pondering something you heard in a lecture? Or maybe pondering how GORGEOUS that shawl is?? The colors are just stunning…wow. And using the Rowan for the remaining bindoff looks like it was the perfect solution (I can’t see it at all). Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

  3. I love how it came out! I’m working on this as a gift for someone and you’ve inspired me to pick it up again, it’s been a couple of months. The weather this week in NY is going to be PERFECT for wearing it, no? May it keep you comfie & warm this week with the cooler temps.

  4. Really like this project. I made the Simple Yet Effective shawl last spring but would have liked it wider and more shallow. I think these modifications would work for that, too. Seeing your photos really makes me want to pull out the knitting. And pour more coffee.

  5. Oh, it looks great and very cozy! Making a shallower version of it sound perfect. I did the regular one, and it just isn’t a very handy size. I do, however, keep it on the back of my desk chair at home and wrap up in it when it’s chilly in my study.

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