I put something new on the wheel yesterday. I have another bump of alpaca to spin for my friend, but I thought it might be nice to switch up fibers first — sort of a wheel palate cleanser, if you will. This is SCF bfl top in the Reflection colorway — the July 2010 club fiber, and the colors are so vibrant — very autumnal, with bursts of blue and purple. This will be a gift, and I am already excited about it — the colors strike me as just right for the knitter I have in mind.

I haven’t hit my stride yet in terms of this semester, and I’m hoping to get closer to a routine that works for (all of) me, and soon. I’ve been stressed out, tired, and rather cranky these last few weeks, and the knitting/spinning I’ve been doing has consistently made things feel just a little bit more manageable. I need to remember that.


6 thoughts on “reflection.

  1. Sorry you are feeling stressed out. I also get stressed when routines change and things get crazy… Lately I’ve been knitting to help relieve the stress (I hope to learn to spin one day, but don’t know anyone near by to help me – I haven’t done well on my own with the drop spindle, lol!)

    I think it’s partly the smooth, repetitive rhythm of knitting, plus the fact that I can clearly see that I am at least getting SOMEthing done (measurable progress) that I find so enjoyable.

    Hang in there, and I’m sure you’ll hit your stride soon! :) Hugs to Boh!!

  2. Isn’t it nice that we have these crafts that so relax us? I normally knit during my lunch break, and it really helps reduce some of the stress. Unfortunately this week I’ve had to work through lunch to meet deadlines, and the stress is really killing me. By the time I get home, get all my chores done, and get the baby to bed, I have maybe an hour to an hour and a half for knitting and/or spinning. That’s just not enough. Good thing there’s a long weekend coming up.

  3. That’s beautiful fiber! (and not a bad spinning wheel, either. Looks familiar.)

    I have been admiring your spinning for a few weeks now. I am pretty new to spinning, and that some people can get actual yarn off a wheel is still kind of amazing. Keep up the lovely work!

  4. I think it’s the new routine while still living in the midst of the most dreadfully hot summer ever may be adding to the cranky.

    That bump from SCF is sinful it’s so soft. I can’t wait to see how yours comes out, I’ve been drooling over it since it arrived.

  5. I agree with Lisa: this heat is definitely making the new semester transition worse. I’m glad you’re taking some time to spin a bit, and hopefully fall weather will soon come around, bringing with it some comfort.

  6. I’m having trouble setting up the new routine, too. Which is also leading to serious amounts of cranky around here. Oh my, the semester … it never gets any easier, but you’re right: making time for fiber is never wasted time. That fiber will be beautiful yarn!

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