pancakes and procrastination.

My friend T. and I picked a few pounds of blueberries on Tuesday afternoon, which meant that on Wednesday, I made pancakes for breakfast and lunch.

Boh has continued his efforts to take over the couch at every opportunity.

And I have directed all of my powers of procrastination into my hemlock ring blanket. I’m sure I’ll be able to get back on track once I’ve exhausted the episodes of Arrested Development available on Netflix. (I’m halfway through Season 2.)

I’m still reading, just nowhere near as quickly or effectively as I’d like. Note to self: get on that.


4 thoughts on “pancakes and procrastination.

  1. yummy, blueberries! I had some last weekend, sadly, not self-picked but bought from our Farmer’s market. Mmh, I could make some pancakes tomorrow… It’s a lot cooler around here, so I can use my stove without getting a heatstroke! Yay!

  2. pancakes = very good. reading in the summer = very bad. I’ve got to get on mine too, but I totally understand your procrastinatory ways.

  3. Nobody makes a pancake like the Rooster. ;-) Looks delicious. Your hemlock ring is looking gorgeous–I love the feather and fan section!

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