paws off, please.

Somebody really likes my hemlock ring blanket.

Unfortunately, lace (even with heavy worsted weight yarn on big needles) + dog paws does not equal a good idea. Poor Boh.

Here he is again for scale — as you can see, I’ve begun the feather and fan section of the blanket, and might need to start looking for a longer circular. I’m using something in the 32 inch range right now, and I can see that this is going to start growing exponentially very soon.

Also, last night I made zucchini and onion pizza. I think I might have the leftovers for breakfast. Yum!


6 thoughts on “paws off, please.

  1. I’m loving watching your Hemlock Ring grow! It is also making me want to cast on for one immediately, which I am so not allowed to do right now. Ugh.

    The pizza…YUM. My brother is growing onions in his garden right now and I think this would be the perfect use for them. (And maybe he’ll give me some, too…)

  2. That was fast! Hmm … I might have to make more lace in worsted-weight yarn on big needles. Maybe Boh would like a blanket of his own? Yay for pizza! And pizza leftovers.

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