Boh: Umm, do these make me look smarter?

Rooster: Most definitely.

I’m almost to the cuff of legwarmer numero uno, and if I can keep up this knitting pace, I should be able to wear these to yoga next week. (The class I like to go to on campus starts up again for the summer session on Monday, and the room is always cold. These will be perfect.)


5 thoughts on “smarter?

  1. Boh always looks smart, but the glasses are a nice touch! Those are going to be great legwarmers. I’m jealous that there’s someplace cool on campus in the summer there! One summer they left the boiler on in my building until August — it was a toasty 98 degrees for most of the summer.

  2. Most definitely. In fact, I think you should deputize Boh next semester … he could certainly take over a seminar or two … or give you a day off from teaching now and then. I’m teaching Alice how to vacuum when I get home.

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