from scratch.

Time to stop petting my handspun and start knitting with it! Boh and I spent our lazy, rainy Sunday morning listening to podcasts and winding yarn into cakes. Well, and then taking pretty pictures of them. I have plans to cast on projects in all of these yarns…this week, even!

Following Adrian of Hello Yarn’s recipe, I cast on a legwarmer out of my Hello Yarn patchwork merino 2-ply handspun. This stuff is super soft and squishy, and I am obsessed with the way it is striping. (It has doubled in length since I snapped this photo.) I cast on 48 stitches to start, and will post my notes once I finish the pair.

Here’s another shot of those stripes, against a less busy (Boh) backdrop.

Making yarn cakes is exhausting, clearly. Alright, time for some coffee and morning knitting. I can’t wait to get back to my legwarmers — and then, back to work. Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “from scratch.

  1. I love this: those colors will make such fantastic legwarmers! They remind me a bit of some 3-ply merino I did last fall, and made fingerless gloves with. They always cheer me up with their bright, sunny colors.

  2. WANT. I have got to learn to spin, that yarn is just too gorgeous to ignore. Yay for handspun!!

  3. You know, I always feel like that after winding yarn cakes, too. :)

    Your legwarmers are going to rock! I can’t wait to see more!

  4. legwarmers. that’s what i need. it’s fall already up here in the mountains and that is what my life lacks. pattern suggestions? talk soon mehopes…

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