all before eight.

I went to bed before eleven last night, which was heavenly. I’m an early to bed, early to rise kind of person, and I function best first thing in the morning. I love to sleep with the windows open, shades up, so that I rise with the sun. The craziness of the end of the semester, paired with the fact that I’m currently dating someone with pretty much the opposite schedule means that I haven’t really been able to do this for several weeks. (Not that I’m staying up til 3 or anything, but I’ve been trying to compromise. Hard to be social and go out for drinks with folks who meet up at 10 or 11, when that is normally about when I’m climbing into my bed.)

Anyway, I went to bed before 11 last night, and woke up feeling rested just before six. I made my cup of coffee, and curled up with my wurm.

Note the brokeknits-esque nature of this photo. I think I’m going to knit a few more sections before beginning the decreases. I am in love with these color transitions.

The parritch targhee 3-ply is still damp, but I’ll have finished pictures of that soon. In the meantime, I decided to put something else on the wheel. This is Hello Yarn Fiber Club corriedale in Seasick, and I’m planning either to leave this as singles OR to navajo ply this, depending on how it goes and what I want to make with this stuff. It has been awhile since I spun any corriedale, and whoa, this stuff is awesome. Just sayin’.

Here’s a glimpse of some of yesterday’s organizational progress.

And an early-morning, rather drowsy, pouting pooch. He has no idea that in about half an hour we’re meeting a friend for a nice long walk. Tough life, big dog.


6 thoughts on “all before eight.

  1. It’s funny, because since we’ve gotten the pup, I have turned into an early morning person as well. Having that private time in the morning to sip coffee, read, knit, spin, or whatever before work has been so….Peaceful. I think you’ve got the right idea ;-)
    The colors in the Wurm are beautiful–it’s such a happy project! Excited, as always, to see how your spinning turns out, as well!

  2. Boh has the funniest look on his face! I’ve turned into an early-to-rise person myself — completely an about-face from my high school/college days. I like to sip my coffee, go for a walk, or read some Latin first thing in the morning.

  3. I love the oranges against the blue! One day, I aspire to be an early bird. It seems so peaceful.

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