FO: loch (and more spinning).

Swoon. 506 yards of laceweight/light fingering in a stunning mohair/nylon/merino blend from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club, colorway Loch. I took A LOT of photos of this stuff, which are all on flickr, if you want more. See, I was feeling so pumped about how these singles turned out that I just had to get something else on my wheel.

I decided that I wanted to try navajo plying a whole skein of something. I mean, I practice navajo plying with my leftovers every so often, but I haven’t put the time in to really get comfortable with the technique. So I dug through my fiber stash, and pulled out Magic Chip, a lovely pastel colorway from the AVFKW Woolly Wonders Fiber Club in superwash bfl.

Here’s the bobbin in the afternoon sunshine.

And here’s Boh, resting in one of his cutest positions: legs out straight in an X.

And here they are together — Boh snored right through all of my navajo plying.

I wound this onto my niddy noddy, and marveled at how different navajo plyed yarns are before finishing — way more balanced, because the twist can’t travel the length of the yarn, only the length of the loops.

I showed it to Boh, and after giving it a good sniff, he decided to snuggle it, eyes closed. That’s my dog. Now it’s hanging to dry.

Next up? Well, tell me if I’m crazy, but I found these two skeins of super happy turquoise Cascade 220 while I was digging through my fiber stash, and I would love to have something like Shalom to wear as spring approaches. Some knitters have managed to eke out a short-sleeved cardigan in 450 yards or so, and I’m tempted to try it. Other thoughts on patterns? I’ve moved these skeins to the kitchen table to keep me company while I grade.


8 thoughts on “FO: loch (and more spinning).

  1. Ohhh, a pretty rainbow! It looks so great!

    And doesn’t Boh look like he just fell down asleep in the middle of a good rabbit chase? Doggie love!

  2. If you lose your niddy noddy, there’s always Boh’s legs…;)
    Gorgeous spinning and plying! I want to run home to my wheel right now. Hmmm. 440 yds is tight. I will think on this.

  3. As I have never knit a sweater, I have no opinion about the yardage, but I do love the color for a spring sweater!!! Do you like working with the cascade 220?

  4. Hmm … 440 yards. That’s a definite knitting challenge. To which I am not equal. So I’ll just say: awesome spinning! (As usual.)

  5. With all your talent maybe you could add a homespun yoke so you could even add sleeves?

  6. i just knit a cowl out of that very color! i liked the 220 a lot. i have no idea how much you need for a sweater, obviously… someday i will make one. i think desert summer is not the time to do it.

    how many barrels of chiles would i need to trade you for some of your castaway handspun? :) also, i learned how to roast up some green chiles yesterday (alongside steak and elotes, as it should be), in the backyard of a friend, on their chimney grill, looking at mexico and getting sunburned. delish!

  7. Nice!! How pretty is your yarn?! You’re really on a roll!

    I designed my Betty Minisweater to use exactly two skeins of Cascade 220 and it turned out pretty mini. But what about Ysolda Teague’s Liesl? The short-sleeved version perhaps?

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