objectivity and bias.

As an aspiring historian, I am certainly sensitive to questions of objectivity and bias. (In the realm of full disclosure, I don’t think history is about the pursuit of truth so much as the exploration of an expansive/infinite number of alternate tellings, re-tellings, and interpretations of the past, necessarily colored by the historian’s “present,” whenever/whatever that may be. I don’t think objectivity should be the goal. I’d rather we focused on interrogating our own perspectives biases interests contexts as part of wrestling with what how why we are arguing whatever we’re arguing.)

Anyway, Boh must have read your comments, because he called me on this. He wondered (to no one in particular, though I was the only one here) why certain people (ahem) think very carefully about how to accurately represent their sources in some contexts, but are perfectly happy to misrepresent, oh, I don’t know, a certain four-legged and important member of this household.

Boh wants you to know that he does not sleep all day. He does very important things.

You never take pictures of me doing other things. That’s why they think that. Show them that I can catch my ball! That I can jump high into the air! That I bark at potential intruders and guard our home! The problem, dear reader, is that my skills do not lie in the realm of photography, so I mostly have a blurry mess to share. Boh is right, though. He does appear very energetic in these photos.

I took about 43 other photos, all of them blurry.

I’m sorry, Boh, for not thinking about how I have been representing you. (I listened to the RadioLab “Animal Minds” episode last night while working on my snowbird, and I am certainly aware of my own anthropomorphizing here…)

Also, lest you think I only knit, and do not work, here’s what Boh and I have been up to this morning:

Yep, the semester has begun. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “objectivity and bias.

  1. Thanks for clearing up the record with regards to Boh. Tell him we suspected as much all along. By the way, what do you teach? I’m an eighth grade science teacher in a low income public school.

  2. That Boh… more than just a snuggler. Thanks for keeping it “fair and balanced.”

    Good luck with the new semester! We’re already almost to midterms. Yikes!

  3. I never doubted you, Boh! Actually, it must be that he is so incredibly fast and active so much of the time it’s only when he momentarily sleeps you’re able to take a photo of him at all. I’m sure that’s how it is. My daughter loved this Boh photo-heavy post!

  4. Oh, Boh, we all knew you were more than just a pretty faced bed warmer. Happy semester you crazy kids!

  5. HAHA! I was so ready for a serious post eloquently expressing your opinion on some topic related to the state of the world after that opening! But I am quite glad you have cleared up the record re: Boh. I was starting to wonder about that guy… :)

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