First of all, thank you for sending sweet thoughts of health my way. I am finally feeling like myself again. (For awhile there, I had no interest in sarcasm, which is when I knew I needed to get back into bed.)

Last night I allowed myself to break from my pile o’ reading to knit on snowbird and watch the SOTU. It is actually starting to look like the top of a cardigan, and the construction is super cool, so I snapped some pictures. Soon, I’m going to kitchener those panels of stockinette together and sew them to the body of the sweater — they form the start of this cardigan’s awesome collar.

I am in love with the tweedy look and texture of this yarn.

And now we transition from (snow)bird to dog. A few steps back and you get a better idea of what my cardigan photo shoot was like.

And here’s what Boh was doing last night. This dog was clearly not interested in the SOTU.

One more, just because.

Happy Thursday, folks.


7 thoughts on “bird/dog.

  1. Doggie love!!

    And sweater love! I wonder if that would work up in Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool… I have a bunch of that…..

  2. Yeah, I went to knitting night at the coffee ship and skipped the SOTU.

    I love the fabric you’re getting with that tweedy yarn. The cardigan’s going to be super cozy.

  3. That tweedy yarn is fabuloso. Can’t wait to see more progress … no pressure or anything, what with the semester underway and all. Yay for feeling better!

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