sick day.

So, I made it until about 12:30 yesterday, and then I started feeling yucky again. I finished out the afternoon, got a ride home, and at the (very good) advice of a friend, preemptively arranged for a sick day. I don’t have any teaching obligations on Tuesdays, so I excused myself from today’s schedule, with the goal of getting better. At the very least, it should help that I’m going to avoid the cold/rainy twenty-minute walk to and from campus.

So, today’s plan?

Lounging on the couch in a cozy sweater, fleece pants, and handknit socks with Boh and a pile o’ mindless knitting. (Also on the agenda: Theraflu, a hot shower, herbal tea, copious amounts of napping. And reading — fingers crossed that I feel up to a little bit of work this afternoon.)


8 thoughts on “sick day.

  1. If it helps at all, I have a friend who swears that brown liquor cures the common cold…. I have never put it to the test, but come to think of it, I was not sick very often in undergrad school at all…. :-) Once again wishing you health! Enjoy your snuggle with Boh. :-)

  2. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing and taking care of yourself!

    Lots of tea and reading on my agenda for the afternoon, too.

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