FO: handspun seaman’s cap (the fourth).

This is my fourth handspun seaman’s cap. Clearly, I love this pattern. (Also, I love this hat, but this one is most definitely hopping into the mail this week so that my brother gets his Christmas present before it is too warm for super squishy handspun hats.) I knit the large size, and used 150 yards of handspun superwash merino from Crown Mountain Farms in the albatross colorway — which is almost exactly what I spun from the 3.5 ounces I estimated I’d need. Yay! I hope he likes it.

I asked Boh to do an interpretive dance to demonstrate how I (we) feel about going back to school in a few hours. This was his response. He captured my feelings exactly — as did the weather — heavy rains and high winds today — which, unfortunately, does not seem super conducive to helping me to fully kick this cold. (More Theraflu for this rooster — I’m definitely feeling better, but, as it often goes near the end of a rapidly morphing sore throat to drippy nose to head cold to cough, despite feeling much improved, I sound worse! Or incredibly sexy, depending on how you look at it…)

Happy Monday, folks. Despite my whining, there is a lot to look forward to this semester.


9 thoughts on “FO: handspun seaman’s cap (the fourth).

  1. So you have the Lauren Bacall voice? :-) My bad colds tend to progress in the same manner complete with a “barking seal” cough. Love the newest seaman’s cap. Your brother will love it.

  2. I vote sexy. Your undergrads will LOVE it. (I also veto this rain, but the heavens aren’t listening.)
    Have a good first day at school! See you later, perhaps.

  3. He’s going to love that hat!! I hope you kick your cold soon. We have a snowstorm with 80km/hr winds here today but I trudged into work anyway. Argh.

    Have a good day at school!

  4. Love the hat! I also love (what looks like) the color-coded bookcase behind you.

    Also, feel better, and good luck with a new semester! Mine starts tomorrow, and I am in complete disbelief at where time went.

  5. Love the hat… You are getting some great stripy yarn out of the spinning. :-)
    Who knew Boh could do interpretive dance, and on command! He is so talented.

  6. I always go with ‘incredibly sexy’ when I’m sick. The deep, sultry voice makes up for the constant drip from my nose and my red eyes. :)
    I love the hat, it looks so warm. I’m sure he will love it. It’s knit up in a very manly way.

    Also, can I just say that Boh has the most expressive face?? How on earth could you ever say no to him!? He is breathtakingly handsome.

  7. That is a mighty fine hat! Hope you had a mighty fine first day to go with it. And are feeling better, too. Boh definitely has a career ahead of him in interpretive dance.

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