curry and a heel turn.

I am falling in love with Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking all over again. She just seems to know exactly what I want to eat for dinner. And lunch. This is the Big Curry Noodle Pot — simple, flavorful, delicious.

Also, I turned the (gusset) heel of my second Emerald City sock. Hooray!


6 thoughts on “curry and a heel turn.

  1. Oh, thanks for the recipe recommendation. I was just searching for some sort of curry recipe this AM, and this looks like just the ticket. Tonight it’s leek and mushroom quiche, though.

    Hurray for 2nd socks, indeed!

  2. I LOVE her website. I didn’t know (ignorant me!) that she had her own cookbook. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. And what I wished I’d had for dinner! Maybe next payday a new cookbook is in order? The sock is looking good … awesome heel turn.

  4. Oh, YUM. I really need to buy her book – I’ve been meaning to for ages as I’ve made quite a few things from her website and they’ve all been healthy and yummy and usually pretty easy to make. Her Irish mum’s brown bread is the easiest bread in the world, and so delicious.

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