soup, a stroll, a sock, a seaman’s cap.

Yep, this post is brought to you by the letter S.

Leftover soup is one of my favorite things. It makes for the perfect lazy lunch. This is carrot soup (from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking) with smoked paprika on top, and beer bread (a fantastic recipe I got from Jodi, who found it here) toasted in the oven. I’ve made this bread three or four times already, and it is wonderful. After a cozy lunch at my yellow table, Boh and I headed out for a longer walk, thanks to the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures.

Handknit socks in hiking boots — also one of my favorite things.

Sigh. (Also an S-word, if you’re keeping track.)

Boh made silly, sleepy faces while I did some reading, and then I made some serious progress on a toe up, gusset heel sock and my brother’s seaman’s cap. See?

Hope your Sunday involves (or at least invokes the spirit of) soup, strolling, sock-knitting, silly dog faces, etc. More soon.


7 thoughts on “soup, a stroll, a sock, a seaman’s cap.

  1. Love how that Seaman’s cap is knitting up! Never tried carrot soup before, have always wanted to make it–it looks wonderful. Happy Sunday!

  2. So glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the beer bread recipe! Now I have a hankering to make some for dinner. :-) Carrot soup is one of my favorites; I especially love it made with coriander and thickened with Greek yogurt.

    The hat is looking great!

  3. Am I crazy, or does Boh seem to like the couch a whole lot more than the snow?? :-) Hope you had a great time!

  4. Sigh. What a lovely day. That carrot soup looks amazing and those socks will be awesome — right along with the hat. I wish I had had a few more s’s and a little less Nietzsche today … (p.s. glad Boh is there to keep the couch held down.)

  5. I also love leftover soup. I’ve been making a giant crock a week, usually from *Love Soup*, and we eat it all week long with either bakery bread or a bagel. Yum!

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