The yarn from my brompton grad school cardigan, hanging to dry.

New project possibilities: winding yarn for swatching. (Pictured above, Berroco Ultra Alpaca in yucca mix, I think, and Berroco Peruvia in chipotle.)


5 thoughts on “stop/start.

  1. So much lovely yarn! And so much speculation possible with swatches and Berroco … can’t wait to see what you come up with. (Hope the end of Brompton v 1.0 wasn’t too painful.)

  2. I know from personal experience that frogging can be emotionally painful sometimes, but I know that you’ll ultimately be MUCH happier that you were able to re-purpose the yarn into something useful that fits well. It looks like you have a lot of knitting ahead of you, with gorgeous yarns/colors… I can’t wait to see the FOs!

  3. What color of Felted Tweed is that? It’s gorgeous. New projects are so exciting! I just bought some Ultra Alpaca for the first time. I haven’t even used it yet and I think it’s my new favourite yarn.

  4. I think you made a wise decision, as now you can use that gorgeous yarn to knit something that fits you just right!

  5. Ah, the frog pond. It can indeed be liberating. And much more practical than my steeking idea (steeked sweaters absolutely cannot be ripped out, unless you just want a bunch of yard-long strands). I can’t wait to see what you do with the Felted Tweed…and with that yummy Berroco!

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