FO: garter yoke cardigan.

At long last, I sewed the buttons onto my garter yoke cardigan. I tried it on after the first four, just to make sure I liked the look of these buttons (which may or may not have cost me more than the Cascade 220 part of the sweater). I decided to do this late last night, so the pictures are less than awesome, thanks to the overhead lights in my apartment, but I think you’ll still get the idea.

I love this, and I’m especially glad that I knit this alongside Mick and Laura! I decided not to block my GYC, at least not yet, mostly because I am anxious that it will grow, and I don’t want it to get wider or longer. (Also, I’m lazy.) I’ll block it eventually… I’m still working on sizing sweaters, and I think I need to trust the idea of negative ease just a bit more, as I tend to knit my sweaters a little too big. That said, I’m very happy with this sweater, and I expect it will get quite a bit of wear!


Garter Yoke Cardigan, size 38, with a handspun yoke (out of 144 yards of Hello Yarn romney in Alpine) and a Cascade 220 body (814 yards).

I knit the yoke and sleeves on size 6 needles and knit the body on 7s, and I shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length.

Here’s an outtake — despite the blurriness and awkward angle, I like this one:



13 thoughts on “FO: garter yoke cardigan.

  1. OH! WOW! It is great! I love it done with the contrasting yoke…. Most knitters are doing it all in one yarn, which has its charms, but I love this variation!

    And the buttons were totally worth it!

  2. The buttons are wonderful (as is the rest of the sweater). I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear out of this. It fits you perfectly!

  3. Wow! Very beautiful sweater! I really love the buttons – they’re the perfect color. Thanks for being the same size as me, by the way. I can just read all your notes, look at your pics, and know what it would look like on me!;)

  4. What a gorgeous sweater! This is just lovely, Amy. The buttons work really well, I like the sleeve length, and the handspun yoke looks fantastic. Well done!

  5. Woohoo! This looks AWESOME!!! I’m loving the buttons that you chose, they really bring out the colors of the handspun yoke. I’m actually wearing my GYC at work today! It’s nice and cozy, and I hope to take some pics this evening. I had a lot of fun doing this KAL with you guys!

  6. It’s perfect! Just stunning! And those buttons rock. (Even if they were more than the yarn. Why are buttons so expensive sometimes?!)

  7. Your sweater is gorgeous. The buttons are just perfect for it too. That pattern has been in my favs section for awhile and seeing yours is pushing it to the front of the line!

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