FO: handspun mittens.

See? They’ve already found a home in my basket o’ warm stuff near the door. These are mittens out of Paradise Fibers oatmeal bfl and local undyed jacob, initially intended for my brother, but due to inexplicable (or, more likely, subconscious) sizing issues, it looks like I’ll have to keep them. (Life is really tough sometimes.)

I used the Alex’s Mittens pattern, and modified for gauge/size. I cast on 36 st, increased to 42 st after the ribbing, followed the thumb gusset instructions but only up to 15 st for thumb, and did one more uniform increase row (up to 48 st) on the last thumb gusset increase row. I followed the pattern for the decreases at the top and for the thumb.

I love these: they are rustic, cozy, and wide enough that I can probably wear these as an outer layer over close-fitting mittens or fingerless mitts.

Now that I’ve freed up these needles, I can cast on a pair for my brother — for real this time. (Unless he fails to email me his hand measurements. If I don’t get them soon, he’s getting a hat!)


7 thoughts on “FO: handspun mittens.

  1. They look so warm and cozy! I double up mittens when it’s really cold, too.

    Love the shot of your outdoor woolies basket!

  2. Those look great! Oddly enough, I just put a basket full of knitted things near my front door this past Sunday. I enjoy seeing them all mixed together.

  3. Love them! Mittens are a great project for handspun. And I have a basket o’ warmth near the door, too!

  4. Boy do those look cozy! I love how they’re wider than the average mitten. The wideness looks so cute and, like you said, probably makes for great layering.

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