Let’s be honest: I’m probably keeping those handspun mittens I started for my brother for myself. After all, that lumpy, bumpy stuff is my first ever wheelspun. I can’t give that away, right? Besides, the first mitten wouldn’t even fit his hand, because it just happens to fit mine perfectly.

Enter this awesome CMF superwash merino in the albatross colorway. Deep blues, pale yellows — masculine enough for my brother, and super soft. I separated about 3.5 oz from the 8 oz that I have, and began spinning for a squishy 2-ply. I’m going to call my brother for a hand measurement later so that I don’t accidentally make these in my size as well…

Here’s the cuff of the second mitten.

And here’s my silly dog in the background.

Boh and I have plans to ring in the New Year quietly, and perhaps a little bit early, with delicious farm food and an evening of knitting and spinning. (We’ll also take a walk in the snow before it gets dark.)

Whatever your plans may be this evening, Boh and I hope that you are able to ring in the new year with people/pets/crafts that bring you joy.


6 thoughts on “albatross.

  1. Those colors are lovely for man mittens! So all’s well that ends well. Happy New Year to you and give Boh a kiss from Lola and Rudy!

  2. Obviously, those first mitts were meant for you. Albatross looks perfect for brother mittens. Happy New Year to you and Boh (from Alice and me).

  3. We’re staying in for a quiet New Years Eve too. We’ve been gone and busy most of the holiday and just need to crash. Doubt we’ll be awake anymore by midnight, lol.
    I’m going to knit my way out of the old year tonight and into the next tomorrow.
    Wishing you and Boh a wonderful New Year!!

  4. I back-read your posts and I may have (too late , I know, but for the future) a tip for loosening parchment paper from brittle. In my country we make borstplaat, little hearts for the feast of Sinterklaas (Santa Claus on the 5th of december,check his long red coat, he rides roofs on horseback, the daring fellow, not as comfortable as Santa Claus’s reindeer pulled sledge) well, they are almost the same texture as brittle, (no baking powder, though) being from very soft (room= cream) to very hard, sugar, almost no fat. Well, the heartformed tin shapes have to be buttered, placed on parchmentpaper and then filled. Sometimes, and I realize now always after overheating, the parchment won’t come off. I then let cold water run over the underside of the parchment so it gets wet and cold. Almost always the parchment comes of, this goes for everything placed warm on parchment. So, if your brittle is not extremely dangerously sharp or burned, try this next time. Brittle seems to be much like Brighton rocks.

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