before winter?

That’s the goal for my Garter Yoke Cardigan, and it looks like I might make it!

I’m leaning towards a bracelet sleeve length — longer than three quarter, but not so long that the cuff will get in the way of knitting and working. Also, there’s something about a slightly shorter sleeve on me that at least makes me feel like I’m a bit more put together (even if it is only in my head.)

When I tried on the sweater before starting the sleeves, I was concerned that the sleeves were going to be a bit baggy. The pattern calls for knitting the sleeves straight to the cuff — no shaping — so I decided that instead of playing with decreases, I’d just go down a size and use size 6 dpns. (It didn’t hurt that I could actually reach these needles from where I was curled up on the couch at the time…)

I’m really happy with how the first sleeve is fitting, and I think it is time to start digging around for buttons!

I might not post again before heading home for Thanksgiving, so I hope your holiday is filled with people you love and food you enjoy! (And maybe some time to rest and knit.)


11 thoughts on “before winter?

  1. The colored yoke is even more lovely now than when you started this. And I love the way you decided to make the change in your sleeves. Arms distance knitting supplies = good times.

  2. I agree: it’s looking super cute! Sleeve lenghts are key to feeling pulled together, why I do not know.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my new blog friend! Your sweater is great, and every time I see it I start wanting one….

  4. You’ll definitely make it! The fit is looking great and I think your sleeve mod was spot on. What a great idea, just going down a needle size. No recalculations necessary!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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