second seaman

I started a second handspun seaman’s cap yesterday afternoon, and I’m very close to beginning the decreases. I’m using AVFKW falklands in The Silent Undergrowth.

second seaman closeup

The greens are very subtle, and I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture, but there is a soft green stripe right at the base of the turned up ribbed band. I’m learning quite a bit about the connections between my spinning choices and how the yarn knits up. This hat looks a bit more rustic than the first seaman’s cap, in part because my spinning isn’t totally even, but mostly (I think) because this is a 2-ply, and my first seaman’s cap was a 3-ply. I need to start making some choices about my holiday spinning and knitting, so this comparison is giving me a lot to think about.


Also, check this out. I really think Boh misses our guest. For much of the morning, Boh stretched out on the floor and  pouted exactly where our houseguest had been sleeping. It is so hard to be a dog.


5 thoughts on “hat-tober?

  1. Poor Boh… I’m always telling my cats how hard it is to be a kitty.

    Bring on the hats! I need to start thinking about holiday projects, too.

  2. I told you he had fallen in love!! :-)

    I am also contemplating holiday knitting. I don’t know if there is going to be much this year!

  3. Definitely the right time of year to be knitting hats! I’ve started holiday knitting (and spinning!) too.

    Poor Boh. [sigh]

  4. I can’t believe it’s already time for holiday knitting. Not that I have any big plans in that department: hello, end of the semester. I hope Boh recovers from visitor withdrawal.

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