Boh laid like this, stretched out on the bed, for a few hours yesterday, totally contented after some much needed time spent frolicking amidst the falling leaves. After I crossed the last item off of my long around-the-house to do list (I’m not ashamed to admit that it was “take a shower”), I got out the scale and divided the first 4 oz. of CMF bfl into ounces, and then divided one of those ounces into thirds.

I was intending to spin the whole ounce, if necessary, to figure out how to approach my sweater spinning project, but at the end of the first third of an ounce, it seemed like there was enough to make a mini sample skein of 3-ply. I very unscientifically wrapped part of what I’d just spun onto two toilet paper rolls (counting to 100 each time!), and rigged them up on my lazy kate so that I could quickly ply 3 strands together.


I soaked the skein, set the twist, and measured the wpi.

bfl wpi

Finished, my sample skein looks to be 12 or 13 wpi: a 3-ply worsted weight.

mini skein bfl 3ply

I’m not going to swatch yet, as I don’t have a specific sweater pattern in mind yet, but I am going to keep my mini-skein and some of my sample singles nearby as I start spinning. Hopefully I’ll end up with a whole sweater’s worth of fairly consistent worsted weight bfl!


In other news, last night I finished the handspun garter yoke of my garter yoke cardigan. It sort of snuck up on me, so I didn’t switch my needles up from 6s before the transition to the Cascade 220 as I had originally planned. I started with the 7s on my first non-handspun row. I have plenty of the Alpine romney left, so I’m thinking I may use it for the cuffs of the sweater, and maybe even to finish up the waistband. We’ll see!


6 thoughts on “sampling/yoking.

  1. The yoke looks awesome! Boh is such a goof — I love the upside-down-show-me-your-tummy dog pose. It’s the sign of a happy dog. Good luck with the spinning!

  2. Katie is right, Boh is a happy dog. See the little smile? I’m glad you are going with a 3 ply for the sweater. Now that I’ve made some 3 ply myself, I realize it is THE way to go for knitting, especially if you intend to use stockinette or any cables. The yoke is amazing, I love it.

  3. Wow, that is REALLY pretty and I love the idea of using more of the handspun on the cuffs and waist band. The color changes remind me of a Bohus sweater…so, so, so pretty!

  4. I make to-do lists like that, too! (why try to hold that stuff in your brain?) Boh is too funny. I like how he managed to sneak into a 2nd photo. Beautiful yoke there!

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