Yesterday, two dogs lounged and played in my house while I read and spun. Boh’s friend Coltrane came over after they met up at the dog park so that Coltrane wouldn’t be lonely, as his owner had to attend a day-long event.


plyed norwegian

While they snored, I spun the second bobbin of norwegian top singles, and then plied them together.

plyed norweg prewash

Here’s what it looked like right before I set the twist.


We took a couple of short walks through my neighborhood yesterday, and I learned that it is tough to walk two dogs who don’t normally walk together at the same time! T., one of Coltrane’s owners, came over for dinner, and the dogs continued to lounge. After beet and carrot latkes and more homemade chocolate pudding, we dumped out a jar or two of buttons onto the kitchen table. T. needed buttons for some baby bibs, and I needed to pick out buttons for my handspun baby belle.



These buttons are a pinkish red, and I love how they stand out against the pastel shades of the handspun. What do you use to sew your buttons on? I’ve only ever used thinner yarn and a darning needle (seems I always pick buttons with pretty fat holes), but T. reminded me that when you buy a sweater, the buttons are sewn on with thread! (Which makes sense. It also means I need to acquire more than a travel button repair kit from a random hotel stay if I intend to keep sewing small buttons onto my knitting.)


This guy is such a good sport. We’re going to ease into Sunday with a little bit of knitting and a morning walk. Then, back to work!


7 thoughts on “outnumbered.

  1. Your doggie playdate looks much more tranquil than the (kid) playdates at my house. I see Boh made sure he got the couch! I use thread for buttons. I never thought of using yarn! Your norwegian yarn looks great.

  2. Love the baby belle. So sweet! I usually use a single ply of yarn to sew on my buttons but, like you, I usually have larger buttons. I’m in the button selection phase, too! I think I may have to hit a store for mine, though…

  3. I use thread for my buttons. The sweater is just darling. I don’t know if we would have such a tranquil scene if we had a pal over for an afternoon. It cold turn into a howlfest.

  4. I use quilting thread that holds forever. If I don’t have the right colour or I want a softer look I’ll sew a bit of the project yarn over it to hide the thread. Durable and they never fall off.

  5. Never let them get the upper hand! Insurrection! Mutiny! Or, rampant snoozing. The belle is so cute — the colors came together so well. I usually use embroidery floss for buttons: lots of colors to match.

  6. SO CUTE! I love that they lounged around together.

    I usually use thread to sew on my buttons. It seems to hold a little better. I used yarn for a button with large holes recently and it immediately started to sag. Embroidery floss sounds like a great idea.

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