Apologies if these make you dizzy. Yesterday was a blurry kind of day, so it seems only fitting that the pictures I attempted to take of a stunning sunset turned out this way. (It probably didn’t help that I was fresh out of the shower, still in the process of getting dressed, and therefore more than a little exposed to a backyard mob of mosquitoes that made keeping the camera steady more than slightly difficult.)

A bit of a sock is all I’ve got for you today:


Oh — and my bat came back last night for round 3. My landlord will be here in half an hour to strategize. Hope your day is bat-free!


4 thoughts on “blurry.

  1. I like the blurry sunset … sometimes, at the end of the day, things are a bit blurry. Good luck fighting off the invasion of the bats. Is Boh extra concerned?

  2. Ack! Good luck with your strategy session…having a bat flying around would totally freak me out. And I love your blurry photos! I think they would make a great print for a fabric.

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