Do you have those days that seem to take forever to progress? Yesterday was that kind of day. I tried to fill the hours, but the time refused to pass.

All of that changed just before evening, when I ran into a friend on the street, finally started another book, met friends from out of town for a great dinner, relaxed with the dog, and (wait for it) chased our friend, the bat, out of my apartment with a broom around midnight.


An incredible lightning storm and the ruminations of my brain kept me up quite late last night, so the morning’s cup of coffee must again feature prominently in today’s post.

More glimpses of yesterday:



I finished spinning and plying the AVFKW falklands fiber in the silent undergrowth colorway, but I couldn’t capture the depth of the browns and greens with yesterday’s overcast sky (even with the change of background.) The skein is still hanging to dry — I’ll try again tomorrow.



A bit more of the toe of my second vanilla sock, and a particularly concerned Boh. It must be Monday…


6 thoughts on “slow.

  1. The idea of spinning intrigues me but it looks fairly complicated. You do a fabulous job. I think I’ll keep letting people like you spin my yarn for me. :D

  2. Sadly, it is very rare for me that a Sunday passes slowly…. It is usually Tuesday for me. Sigh. And if a weekend DOES tend to be passing too slowly, I find a nap works wonders!!

    Have a happy Monday!

  3. I am also enjoying a much-needed cup of fortification before the day begins in ernest. The spinning looks great! I hope the socks help to pass the time … or that Monday manages a less leisurely pace. Does the bat have keys? He is a very dedicated (unwanted) companion.

  4. I have also had one of those days, but then when things start to pick up, it goes way too fast.

    A bat at midnight?! Eek!

  5. Oh no, not the bat again! Some days do seem to go on forever — yesterday was like that for me, too. Not all bad, but very curious.

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