the silent undergrowth.


Boh and I took a walk through the campus arboretum yesterday, accompanied only by the sound of the wind and the hum of bees conducting their business.







A collection of nut trees lines the road to the central part of the sprawling, manicured landscape. Tucked into a string of walnut trees, this particular cluster caught my eye. This tree, like the others, had a small tin tag pegged to its trunk: Japanese heartnut. The name made me smile.


When we returned home (our muscles sufficiently stretched), it was time to start a new spinning project, and this fiber seemed appropriate to the moment: The Silent Undergrowth, 3 oz. of Falklands from AVFKW. The colors are hard to capture on camera, but there is a lovely depth to the range of browns and greens in this fiber.


Also, here’s an update on my alpaca test-knitting:



I’m approaching four inches on the body, and while this will not be a quick knit, I love how this feels in my hands.



I love this dog.

Happy weekend, all.


6 thoughts on “the silent undergrowth.

  1. Ok, that last picture is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. Looks like yesterday was a beautiful, peaceful day — I hope your weekend is the same!

  2. Lovely! I hope Sunday is just as relaxing and wonderful. But with such a sweet dog, how could you go wrong?

  3. Happy weekend right back at you! Looks like a great day at the arboretum. It has been hot as blazes here in Chicago, alas.

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