4 thoughts on “eggs and veggies/wrap and turn.

  1. You talked me into it, I joined the KAL. I didn’t participate this month, but I am VERY excited about next month. It is kind of surprising how excited…. I am loving this with the zeal of the newly converted sock knitter!!



  2. So many colors! Good luck keeping up with the demands of the farm share and the sock KAL. The sock is shaping up nicely … congrats on the heel!

  3. Love the sock! It’s striping really nicely. Also, sending you some hugs about your post yesterday (and letting the people I appreciate know it, which includes you, blog friend!).

  4. You must feel so incredibly healthy eating all those leafy greens! And YUM! The sock looks awesome, too.

    P.S. Thank you for the reminder in your other post yesterday.

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