Spunky Club Dark BFL in colorway myrtle, 4 oz.

183 yards of 3-ply, dk to light worsted (says my eye).

wpi: soon.

I caved and acquired a tool to measure this on etsy. I hope it will be here when I return from my parents’ house on Wednesday.


Yay! I’m thrilled with this. Now, what to do with it?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:


I couldn’t help but put something on my empty, forlorn-looking wheel. This is targhee from the Woolly Wonders Fiber Club at AVFKW. It is so smooth and shiney that even now, this photo is distracting me from my attempts at description. This is 3 oz of deep melon-y beauitfulness in the It’s a lovely day colorway. Although the Lendrum does fold and travel, I’m going to leave it here to await my return, mostly because I might ignore my family in order to keep spinning, and that would be poor form.

One more WIP today:


I turned the heel of the second thuja sock for my uncle last night, and am planning to work on it a bit more before Boh and I hop into the car. I will get these done in time to deliver them, I will get these done in time to deliver them, I will get these done in time to deliver them…


4 thoughts on “skeined.

  1. You’ll definitely get them done! You’re almost there! Your comment about not taking your wheel with you because you might neglect your family made me chuckle. I sometimes have to leave my knitting at home when I visit my family because I’m too tempted to sit in the living room and knit the whole time I’m there. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. THat is a very fine looking skein indeed! What method did you use to get the 3-ply? (Not that I’m jealous…or planning ahead on spinning goals…)

  3. I lovelovelove that terra cotta/coral color! I’m sure you’ve finished the socks for l’uncle. You’re just that good.

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