breaking news.

I had to. I couldn’t help it. I cannot focus on the paper I am writing because I am so distracted by the idea of a spinning wheel. It is all I can think about. What kind? How much can I spend? Where will I put it?

I know this isn’t supposed to be an impulse purchase, but I think I’ve just made a great choice: The Lendrum DT Complete. I’ve been reading and re-reading reviews, comments, shop descriptions, and this is the best fit for me for the price.

For others agonizing, here’s why I picked the Lendrum:

(1) Small, but heavy enough that reviewers say it doesn’t “feel” like a travel wheel.

(2) Can travel. Because I’ll likely need support, and that means going to the local guild.

(3) Can be tucked away into its bag — my apartment is teeny.

(4) intuitive. The videos at Paradise Fibers’ website show how simple it is to put together and use. I like the way the kate is designed, I like how the bobbins come off the flyer, I even like the little storage place for the orifice hook.

(5) it is maple.

(6) it comes finished, so i can spin immediately, don’t need to go find the right stain or oil, and don’t have to agonize over whether the money to get a finished vs. unfinished wheel is worth it.

(7) scotch tension. good for beginners, and it makes sense to me. which matters.

(8) the Complete models come with: a tensioned kate, 4 bobbins, a bulky flyer and head, and a high speed flyer. when i realized this, and did some quick calculations in the realm of what these elements would cost were i to get a different wheel, i got out the credit card.

(9) it is SO pretty.

(10) it will be here AFTER i finish this paper, which means i should be able to focus now. eeeeee!

time to write, i hope.

ETA: Of course, the second I finished posting this, I got a call saying that Lendrum DT Complete are backordered. So…I called every shop I could find online and found a Lendrum DT without the plying head or fast flyer – last one in stock. It ships tomorrow. (!!!!)


11 thoughts on “breaking news.

  1. I wouldn’t stress about not getting the complete- I never did and I’ve been happy without the bulky head. Although I did pony up the 30 bucks for a fast flyer almost right away- oh, and extra bobbins. Lots and lots of bobbins.

  2. Oooh, that is * so * much more exciting than a paper! Yay! Here’s wishing you a stress-free summer of spinning!

  3. My Lendrum DT has been my workhorse for over two years with no major issues. Only a minor re-glue of my plying head, and I spin sometimes three yarns a day for weeks at a time, certainly hundreds per year. It is super-awesome and you will never regret this purchase. Yay! Congrats!

  4. I own a Lendrum DT and love it. I, too, was a beginner spinner when I ordered it and had never even touched a wheel before it arrived at my house. I did lots of web research and price comparisons, same as you. I have had mine for four years now and there have been no problems.
    Thank you for the blog, I enjoy your foodie/fiber inspiration and your very cute dog. Good luck with the wheel!
    -Aimee (no blog)

  5. Woo hoo! Congratulations! Though I know nothing about spinning or wheels, yours definitely sounds like a winner. And P.S. I loved the photos in your last post. Always such great colors here at Barefoot Rooster!

  6. Woo-hoo!!! Congratulations, that is so exciting!! I remember how over the moon I was. Some of the most productive & talented spinners I know use this wheel, I’m sure you will love it. An appropriate end of semester reward!! ;)

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