about 5 bank accounts, 3 oz and 2 vehicles*


This is more like 2 oz.

Of fiber from the January Spunky Club.

Not anything illicit. I’m just saying.

I’m realizing that 2 oz is about all I can fit on the spindle at one time. Despite what this picture seems to reveal, I’m really happy with the evenness of this yarn. the last 10 yards or so are more irregular (and what you can see here) and I think it has to do with how heavy the spindle gets. When it is approaching full, my technique seems to emphasis the “drop” in drop spindle!

*This is Dr. Dre’s answer to the previous line, and the name of the song: “What’s the difference between me and you?” Given that the song lyrics and music references I normally post situate me solidly in the land of americana/folk/alt country, I’ll provide a little more context. This album was popular during my freshman year of college, and somehow it became clear that a friend and I knew all the words. (While this isn’t my favorite song, I have a serious memory for useless information like song lyrics.) He is getting married next year, and there have been jokes about demonstrating this particular skill at the wedding. If you know the song, you probably realize that it is pretty intense/violent and, shall we say, representative of the genre. Despite all of this, it makes me think of said friend whenever it comes up on itunes, and I smile. Music is good for that.

Plus, now that I operate in ounces — of a very different kind than Dr. Dre —  it is allowing me to creatively(?) post on my spinning progress this week…


2 thoughts on “about 5 bank accounts, 3 oz and 2 vehicles*

  1. A quotation of a Dr. Dre song is something I was not expecting to read when I clicked over here! I love the backstory — a violent and explicit-lyric’ed song is something I certainly wish I had had at my own wedding, so I think you and your friend should go for it!! :)

  2. A friend and I were just talking this morning about how we have songs with visual memories associated with them – time & place & person(s) or whole summers or school years even – music is so cool that way. And now there are songs I associate with you! (As my ipod is on shuffle & Wrecking Ball fortuitously just started playing!)

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